Monday, March 3, 2014

Very First Tangle

I have been wanting to get into this for awhile. I love looking on Pinterest at all the beautiful tangles. It just all seamed so over whelming. So the other day I was out running and decided I wasn't going to knit or crochet, cross stitch....anymore. I am giving it up due to the fact that it is difficult to enjoy under the current living arrangements I am in. I live with my husband and boys and also my parents and when you stitch you need room to stack up all the various items needed. I switch rooms between our outer living room and the bedroom and it is just a pain to drag all that stuff around. SO...I decided I needed a "smaller" creative outlet. It doesn't get more simple than pen and paper. I bought a journal with plain paper and a single black extra fine tip pen. After a few hours getting up the nerve I began to draw the center square, Then the rest of the page looked so lonely.....And now this is the out come.

I believe now I may be a little addicted to this new art form. It's very simple but has a very dramatic outcome.

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